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Scope of the Business

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MILLS REALTY Inc. known as is a real estate brokerage firm that provides a high-level professionalism and expertise in the real estate industry in the state of Illinois. Mills Realty is head quartered in the United States in Chicago Illinois, 60645 in the Northern Rogers Park area. Mills Realty was founded by Real Estate Broker Leroy Viamille.

MILLS REALTY focuses initially on the selling process, buying process, renting process, leasing process, consulting process property management with in-house real-estate agents. Our stakeholder service philosophy is based on a unique six (6) point philosophy of Respect, Communication, responsibility, compassion, empathy and Integrity and based on six (6) segments. Mills Realty, Inc. has six (6) distinct stakeholder group segments: 1. sellers, 2. buyers, 3. leasers/renters, 4. agents/employees 5. Community and 6.Partners/Collaborators.

The sellers of real estate properties are our first primary consumers along with the buyers. The sellers are those that pay the commission from the sale of their property and are the direct core clients of MILLS REALTY Inc. We will never lose our focus that the clients/sellers who have retained MILLS REALTY Inc, to list and sell their properties are our first and foremost obligation.

Our buyers are also our primary customer along with the sellers due to the fact that a exchange between the two must be fare and understood without vague details. We place no special emphasis on one or the other. This is because all of our stake holders must be satisfied with our service. Satisfying exchange that the stakeholders understand is the foundation our customer philosophy rest. We will provide superior personal services to buyers and sellers.

Our third real customer is the licensed real estate sales agent. All of our agents are licensed with the proper certifications based on local and national government regulatory institutions. It is the agent’s fiduciary duty to provide a professional service to every stake holder in our six (6) point philosophy, Therefore, it is the direct responsibility of MILLS REALTY Inc., to provide service to our agents that will enable thin to perform the responsibility to all stake holders.

During the expansion process, MILLS REALTY will take on new agents providing them with highly competitive commission earnings, as well as providing them with a support network and service that will enable them for more productive time in order to gain clients at a faster pace therefore facilitating growth. Hence motivating productive skilled licensed agents in the real estate arena. As MILLS REALTY expands, it will look for additional advance marketing techniques to offer clientele and serve the public in the high the standards expected and even exceeding that which is required by the Illinois Department ofFinancial and Professional Regulations.

Generally, a smaller business is more flexible, while larger businesses, or those with wider ownership or more formal structures, will usually tend to be organized as corporations or (less often) partnerships.

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