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Smart Home and Properties in the Era of the Internet of Things (IOT)

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Smart Homes is the buzz so what about smart properties in the era of the internet of things

At our marketing department are also tech heads. We know that any property can be transformed into a smart properties just like any home can be turned into a smart home.

Almost every appliance or accessory you buy for your property today be it commercial of residential has a version that connects to the world wide web. From your coffee maker to a thermostat they can all ‘communicate with a cloud’ or offer an application that lets you communicate with them via the internet. With the rise of smart devices and artificial intelligence, companies are now developing devises that will make life easier for those who are residing on properties be it at work or at home. With the rise of what is called the “internet of things”, smart properties will be the wave of the future and will be the biggest event since the rise of the internet.

What is the internet of things?

The Internet of Things (IOT) is the integration of physical objects  into a cloud network within the internet. The objects will be home appliances, home fixtures, vehicles, buildings and other items that are integrated with software, sensors and network connectivity to the to a cloud to make life easier for the person using it for the people who are using it. The software and sensors will give objects the ability to exchange ad collect data. The data will be used to predict patterns of behavior of the user and will give the users warnings, reminders, tips, and advice to assist the user like a personal assistant. With the improvements of artificial intelligence the objects that are integrated will become more and more advance over time.

Samsung has made a bold step and has developed its new products with this capability with devices with IOT capability included with remote monitoring and control. With these capabilities you are able to look into the refrigerator with your cell phone to see what foods you need to or even order food with a touch screen monitor on the refrigerator. You will also be able to turn the stove on or off and semi cook as you are at work and about time you get home the soup is just about finished which you prepared before you left for work.

At we suggest our clients to make their homes smart as possible during that period of ownership. When the Owner makes decision to sell the property, the properties value will increase.

The future of Smart Properties are here. We are now entering the era of the “INTERNET OF THINGS”

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