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The American Dream Program

“THE AMERICAN DREAM” of the United States, the ultimate goal is to put you and your loved ones in a home of their own with the ability to sustain the owners of that home. The ADS is the set of ideals, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality in which the ADS provides freedom and includes the opportunity for prosperity and success and an upward social mobility for every US family and children the programs helps families to achieve success with few barriers. The ADS helps to eliminate housing discrimination and promote economic opportunity to develop diverse inclusive communities.” Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for everyone.” regardless of social class, nationality or circumstances of birth.

MRI Real Estate Investment Conglomerate (REIC)

Join Mills Realty for the development of the MRI Global Real Estate Investors Conglomerate which will be as an ambitious conglomerate of men and women who invest in all areas of the real estate industry located throughout the globe. Whether you’re contemplating your first investment, growing with the challenges of the global economic environment, or are a seasoned investor ready to share your experience, expand and grow your net asset, We all can achieve financial independence through real estate investing when we come together in this mutually supportive family. WE NEED GREAT MINDS TO CHANGE THE WORLD ONE INVESTER AT A TIME!