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Donald Trump’s Secret to his Real-Estate Success

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Most people think that those beautiful building with Trumps name on them in big lights belong exclusively to Donald Trump. The truth is that Trump does not own all of these buildings along. One of the keys to trump success is the talent to bring together key investors. This is not only reserved for the super-rich and any entrepreneurial minded person can do this. If you’re interested in investing in investment property but don’t due to lack of funds, you can form an investment club of your own. An investment club consists of members who look for investment opportunities. The goal is to have member the few new members to look at real estate opportunities and report to the group why they think it is a great investment. Knowledge is power and wisdom assures success. Many times people will pool their money together in order to make joint real estate investment decisions. Working with other people will help you and others make intelligent investment decisions. We at Mills Realty aka has chosen these 16 steps due to its simplicity.

  1. Find future potential member for your club. These members can be friend, family, work associates our people you have not even meet yet. These members can be local or even global. Due to the raise in technology, the world has became a smaller place. Through social media sites like linkedin and 12 manage you can find like minded people who will love to be apart of the club as long as you have done your home work on the return on investment. At Mills Realty ( we give investment advice for groups of this type for free most of the time depending on the situation. Aim for the number of members for your clubs project depending on the commercial property of interest. The more people the better and the credit situation of each member plays a vital role. Find a place where the club can have its routine meets such as a members home or a restaurant of choice to maintain high quality discussions.   > Spread the word  by telling family, associates, friends and coworkers about the club project that is underway. Create print media and marketing activates such as flyers, posters emails and social media to described the plan at hand.
  2. Have regular meetings to get the people organized who are interested in the project. Define the groups objectives that the group is not just for education purposes but for for hard core actions in the area of investment for the purpose of getting a return on investment.
  3. Create a philosophy with an investment approach. Most investment groups use long term strategies and a buy and sell approach.
  4. Determine how each member can contribute financially that is in sync with the groups goals.
  5. Discuss the fees that will be important for the purpose of paying for resources that the group will need.  Make sure that the group knows about this upfront.
  6. Set monthly contribution that will also be required to help sustain the groups existence.
  7. Each member contributions must be proportional
  8. Create a group account to pool your funds for the purpose of investing together. never considering doing this through an individual account to avoid future pitfalls and consult a licensed real estate broker.
  9. The risk and rewards must be shared with all members.
  10. Gauge the interest level of the members.
  11. Open a brokerage account or bank account. Most clubs start with both a checking and a brokerage account
  12. Develop an educational agenda.In most cases, investment clubs are formed by people who are still learning about investing. Not everyone is on the same page in terms of his knowledge base. Ask each member what big questions they have about investing. Having them submit questions anonymously is a good option. Choose the topics you feel should be addressed as a group.
  13. Make a “syllabus” and decide who will be doing the research and presenting the topic to the group.
  14. Research potential first investments.After a period of time, when contributions to the club have been made by group members, you’re ready to start looking at first investments.
  15. Invest as a group.Finalize your choices for your first investment and take the plunge. As your club continues operating, evaluate new and old investments during your regular meetings.
  16. Have fun.Celebrate your victories and commiserate your losses. This is one of the biggest reasons people join investment clubs.

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