Moving into a new home is exciting for sure, but it also has its share of hassles—all of which can be found in a corner of the internet with the hashtag #newhomeproblems. That’s where social media mavens go to share—through pictures and pithy 140-character phrases—all that annoys them about their new digs. So, whether you want to brace yourself before your own big move or seek some comforting confirmation that you aren’t the only buyer whose new-home honeymoon ended early, check out these #newhomeproblems we’re all bound to encounter.

Finding creepy souvenirs from previous owners

A set of handcuffs dangling from a ceiling lamp sure does make you wonder what those previous homeowners were up to, or into. Maybe it’s best not to know?

Inheriting a huge pile of junk

A sole pair of handcuffs, however, might be preferable to arriving at your new home to find a pile of junk left behind by the previous owners. We know it’s hard to move out everything, but if you just did it, why couldn’t they?

Needing to stock the fridge

New homes tend to leave their owners hungry.
New homes tend to leave their owners hungry.

After a hard, hunger-inducing day of moving and unpacking, there’s nothing sadder than opening the fridge in a new home to see … nothing. And having no idea what restaurants are nearby that will deliver.

Having no place to sit

Sometimes, a new home requires more furniture, which can take a few weeks to arrive. This means you’ll have to make do by using a ledge as a patio table. Oh, and standing while eating. At least they can all admire the view. That is, assuming they don’t have the next example of #newhomeproblems, too.

Needing to tackle lawn care

Ah, lawns. They look so nice and give kids and dogs room to roam. But guess what? Lawn care takes lots and lots of work. So cancel that gym membership, and brace yourself for a whole lot of mowing, pruning, and sweating. Who knows? No matter how much you coveted this patch of green before buying the place, you might come to hate having a lawn. It happens.

Facing decorating dilemmas

Decisions, decisions
Decisions, decisionsnikkisunstrum/

There is nothing more paralyzing than choosing a color to paint your walls. You could spend your whole life pondering subtly different shades of the same color. How do you know which one’s right? How? How?

Waiting for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi withdrawal is a real thing, and waiting for your new home to get hooked up will drive you cuh-razy. Prepare to read an actual book or two (you know, those things with pages).

Not knowing where leaks are coming from

Moving into a home to find leaks is its own special nightmare. Not only do they wreak havoc and lead to bigger problems like mold, but it’s also often hard to pinpoint  the source. Is it a crack in the roof, or a faulty pipe? Will insurance cover the damage? So many questions, so few answers.

Finding scary stuff

For starters, a wasps’ nest is never a pleasant surprise to find in or near your home, but finding asbestos is far worse. Asbestos—a material that can lead to a myriad of health issues—can lurk in all sorts of building materials from insulation to tiles to shingles.

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