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American Dream Service Program (ADSP)

Using resources from the private sector, real estate sector, federal government, local government and state government resources to help people to achieve their dreams of owning real estate or investing in real estate.

The American Dream Program is rooted and derived from the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that “all men are created equal” with the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“The American Dream” of the United States, the set of ideals rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality in which the American Dream provides freedom and includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for every US family. The program helps families to achieve success with few barriers. The American Dream helps to eliminate housing discrimination and promote economic opportunity to develop diverse inclusive communities.” Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for everyone.” regardless of social class, nationality or circumstances of birth.

The American Dream Service Program is a program created by Mills Realty and Partners. The ADSP program is designed in modules which are made up of stages. After the completion of the first stage of the program, the financial literacy, the buying process, and the purchase procedures programs will begin. These programs will begin after the credit session which will be a 2-month session. Altogether the American Dream Program is a 6-month program.

The American Dream Program will guide the client through the real estate purchasing process from beginning to end. The ADS program will empower participants, giving them awareness and the ability that will remain with them for a lifetime and carried on to future generations. The features of this program will be introduced and implemented through sessions called The Workshop.

The ADSP Program will provide detailed information on the real estate sales process.  MRI and Partners will help success driven individuals to become aware of their credit scores and methods to manage and improve their scores. Participants will get an understanding of financial concepts to take control of their financial situation. Participants will go through the complete process of the real estate purchase process.

The American Dream Service Program will educate and train the minds of the participants to approach credit, personal finance, and real estate with enlightenment and clarity when making the biggest and most important purchases in their entire life. This is a purchase that can be felt by future generations of the client.  This service program will initially be available exclusively from Mills Realty and Partners.

The goal is to earn the deepest trust amongst our stakeholders providing them with information to improve the quality of their lives.

The American Dream Service Program (ADSP) is a high quality, reliable, versatile, and powerful product that meets the needs of all consumers of the real estate market. The ADM service have 4 features that make up the completion of the service and they are:
• Credit Score Awareness
• Financial Literacy Awareness
• The Buying Process Awareness
• Awareness of the Purchase Procedures

The credit section is the first and primary part of the program and will bring awareness to the client about the importance of the credit score and the different types of scores. This section will last 4 months for the client and will begin credit repair ASAP for a fee of $20 a week for 4 months. The CSA program is made up of a 101 Action divided into 8 sections.
1. Introduction
2. Credit
3. Credit Information
4. Credit Score and Pitfalls
5. Improving Your Score
6. Understand Grants & Loans and Your Credit Score “YES GRANTS!”
7. Credit Real Estate
8. Protect Your Credit Score and Life events

At the end of the Credit Bottega of the service, the financial literacy section will begin and will last a length of 2 months. This part of the program will give the client the awareness of the basics of the financial language that most within US society misunderstand. There will be 11 awareness workshop courses which will be completed in the last two months of the service and those courses are:
1. First Things First: A Few Financial Basics and Character
2. How to Budget Like a Pro
3. How to Get Money Motivated
4. How to Amp Up Your Earning Potential
5. How to Keep Debt at Bay
6. How to Shop Smart
7. How to Save Right for Retirement
8. How to Best Build—and Track—Your Credit
9. How to Get Properly Insured
10. How to Prepare for Rainy (Financial) Days
11. How to Approach Investing

Along with the financial awareness courses, the clients will be given completion courses on the real estate buying process. The buying process will be made up of 6 steps for the client to understand and a small exam will be given at this part of the ADS program. The 6 steps are:
Step 1. Check the credit score to sell where their capabilities are now
Step 2. Find out how much they can afford and their newfound capability.
Step 3. Choice between the right lenders that fits their situation
Step 4. Look at the Right Homes
Step 5. Make an offer on the home of their chosen

The last stage of the American Dream Process:
Step 1. Get the right Mortgage
Step 2. Close on your home
Step 3. Move In

Additional Workshop

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