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How Mills Realty Create Top Producing Agents

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As an experienced Broker, I have seen the industry change from time to time over the past 27 years, I have seen the industry change from a snail’s pace moving industry to a fast moving industry with technology at its core also some of the rules have changed to meet the ongoing changes in the economy, culture, education,  and the way brokers deal with the public which was done for the interest of all stakeholders.

In 2007, we saw the collapse of the market which changed the way business is done, thus changing business models. We saw thousands of brokers trying to find a new source of income because selling real estate was never their true passion. Being a broker was only a way to supplement their income. Some brokers had to be more educated on how to deal with different technologies, social media platforms, CRM programs and lead generation software systems. Due to technological changes such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and IOT, we now have smart homes, green homes, and smart product to make our homes become one with its occupants. Home buyers are more technological savvy than ever before.

Because of the internet and smartphones technology, 74% of people are looking for real estate online before they consider seeking a broker. Changes like these have transformed the industry on all fronts.

Due to the massive changes in the industry, the social, political, economical and technological areas it has come to my attention that some experience brokers that works from home are still not receiving what they deserve. Most of them get frustrated then jump up to work for the first big firm they can find and do not get the formal mentoring required for them to get on their feet. They go through the process of figuring out their own business model through trial and error. Their experience at the big offices makes them feel that there is favoritism between the top producers like there is some form of secret order within the firm that only a few brokers are a part of.  This creates poor interaction between colleagues because most new agents do not have the feeling of acceptance. This is because of the culture of the major firms.

At Mills Realty, we make sure that our interaction is formal. We mentor every agent closely until they are comfortable with themselves in and out of the office with a formal relationship. We make sure that we provide a sense of family LITERALLY. We provide leads for no cost to every agent and monitor the relationship between the brokers and the clients. When we provide clients for our broker, we make sure that we teach them the dos and don’ts. We guide them on what to say and not to say. What is legal and not legal. Also, we empower and educate them on how to conduct themselves through the entire sales process from the clients need recognition all the way to the post-purchase process.  When the brokers feel good about their skills and attitude, we let them flow on their own to fly the coop and let them keep the leads and referrals from those leads we gave to them. We are in the business of providing high-quality broker.

We want all of our agents to succeed. As a result, we lead guide and provide without charging them a dime because we know that they are new agents and are trying to understand the process and find their way so we are here to help guide them.



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