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Evanston Illinois is a great place to build a future

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Evanston Illinois is a great place to live. From Brown street.

I and a very close friend had a meeting with a very nice lady in Evanston Illinois. She told us that she wanted to sell her home at 1832 Brown a 5 bed and 3 baths. I asked her, “Are you thinking of moving to another town?” She said “NO! I love this town! Me and my family have been here for over 30 years. I am considering an upgrade to a bigger home” From the emotion, I saw in her reply, I decided to conduct a little research on the home and town of Evanston. I myself have been living in Evanston for a few months. I don’t know much about the town besides the stories about the former president Barack Obama in regards to the secret meetings with the super-rich Democrats who live here.

The town of Evanston has a multicultural, liberal Democrat population. The town is home to Northwestern University, one of the best Universities in the world. Evanston is one of the most educated towns in the state of Illinois. A large majority of Northwestern University alumni and former students make Evanston their permanent home.

1832 Brown, Evanston IL, 60201 is A small single family, 2 story, 2,200 square foot home being sold. It is positioned on the South West side of Evanston Illinois. Evanston is a suburb of Chicago Illinois and consists of 74,937 people. Evanston is made up of only 2 zip codes.

Evanston sits right on the tip of Lake Michigan making it an Ideal place for fishing and camping along the shore all the way to the Wilmette Illinois borderline. Along Evanston’s shore line, Lake Michigan has many beaches and local businesses that provide boat rentals, jet ski rentals, scuba diving classes and many more activities on the lake.

As most people know, especially football fans is that Evanston is known for its Northwestern University football games. A lot of Evanston citizens are former Alumni, attend or attended Northwestern University. One popular Pritzker family member, in the news, who is an alumnus of Northwestern is JB Pritzker. JB is running for the governor of the State of Illinois. Personally, I think JB Pritzker is a perfect choice for the seat.  The students from Northwestern University come from around the world making it a very diverse school reflecting the population of the town of Evanston.

Break down of the rate of each degree in Evanston Illinois around 1832 Brown Evanston Illinois

Evanston is also known to have some of the wealthiest citizens such as the Pritzker Family.  It is also the place where the  Democratic Machine from around the Chicagoland area meets for some of its important meetings which can occur in any of your neighbor’s homes at any time. When Former President Barack Obama ran for the presidency of the United States, Evanston was one of the major locations where meetings occurred. Evanston is a town that is liberal Democrat to the bone.

Evanston is ranked 2,419 in the United States out of 19,505 cities in the United States as one of the best places to live according to the National livability index.

Alongside the multi-million-dollar mansions of the Pritzker family and other successful citizens who are members of the powerful democratic machine of Illinois, Evanston Illinois population consist of 74,937 people from all walks of life and professions. This population lives in 29,016 households.

Evanston Illinois is one of the most educated towns you can live. Over 92.5% of the population has a graduates degree with a high school diploma. Of the citizens who attended college, the rate is at an astonishing 83.1%. Those who completed an associates degree is at a rate of 69.7%. For those Evenstonians who decided to go on further in school to get a bachelor’s degree, the rate is at 66.4%. For those who decided to step up their corporate game with an MBA or a doctorate, the rate is at 59%.

From all that education and good schooling in Evanston Illinois, Evanston is also a place of big money with a median income of $67,000 among the citizens. Among the total population over 40% makes over $89,700 a year which is an astonishing amount for a town of 74,937 people.

From what I have seen, Evanston Illinois is a perfect place to live for someone who is laid back, with children, or looking to develop a powerhouse network. It is a great place for those working in the big city and would like to come home to a peaceful suburban environment. It is also a great place for a family of aging children whose lives will be surrounded by academia from schools, junior Democrats clubs, political causes for teens, the green movement, human rights teen clubs etc. and a host of other programs from science and law from Northwestern University.

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