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Leasing Agent


DREAM JOBS HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY. Qualify for this leasing agent position and receive:

  1. Commission with free leads making $35,000 plus with no pay limit.
  2. Position on the Mills Realty TV Show and sometimes host the show
  3. Exposure in the Mill Magazine
  4. Free $500 fee paid to help you get a real estate license after we get you a leasing agent license.

If you answered yes to 80% or more of these questions come talk to us about becoming a leasing agent. We will train you for the position and you will take an exam.

Let us skip all of the technical jargon. Become a leasing agent and start a career. This is one of the easiest and strategic ways to get your feet planted in the real estate industry.

Do you have a high school diploma? Yes or No

Can you communicate with an angry person and help them solve a problem at the same time?

Can you work with or know just the very basics of

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft Powerpoint
  4. Email
  5. Google Calendar

Can you perform Fractions, Percents, and division?

Can you write a letter using proper grammar?

Can you talk using proper grammar?

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