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Building the Community with every Deal

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With the overwhelming problems facing the world and local communities today, A real estate firm in the City of Chicago known as Mills Realty aims at linking the people and profit to save the planet. Mills Realty has released a program called the sustainable purchase program. This program is a game changer and here is why the program is revolutionary.

The sustainable Purchase Real Estate program is put together using sustainable resources such as digital documents over paper, Hybrid cars to make appointments, and 20% to the stakeholders through organizations in the community. 10% of the 20% goes to global sustainability programs and the majority goes to the local community who is referred to as the primary stakeholders. This is because businesses in the community are the foundation of the local economy.

The US economy is dominated by the service industries. When it comes to providing sustainable services, it is very easy to put sustainable services together because there is no mass manufacturing going on to produce the services. So, just by providing a sustainable service is not new or unique. What makes this program unique is the amount of funds provided for sustainable programs.

As we all know, some of the biggest industries in the US are real estate, finance, and insurance. These professions are notorious for implementing greed in the business dealings. Mills Realty is about to change that.

There are over 27.9 million small businesses, and 18,500 firms with 500 employees or more according to the SBA. Those business produce over 16,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) in income. Imagine the progress that can be done if all of the 27.9 million businesses and the 18,500 firms had this


type of mind set, we can achieve goals such as the 17 sustainability goals of the UN at a rapid speed

Resources are the backbone of every community and global organizations. Businesses have the responsibility to help provide the capital to give non-profits the funding to support organizational programs, objectives and even expand programs that are critically needed without viewing sustainability as some

type of gimmick to increase their bottom line.

There are 796,000,000 and a billion people who will go to bed hungry.

There are 34,594,753.405 million acres of forest that are destroyed a year.

There are 2.400,000,000,000 (Billion) people on the planet who will suffer from dehydration and disease due to the lack of water. As a result, 800 children a day die due to drinking water infected by disease causing microbes within the water.

With more programs and business owners taking the grip off their pocket books and wallets, society and businesses can form a partnership of a magnitude sufficient enough to move toward the sustainability of the planet for future generation.

Most businesses preach about helping stakeholders and speak of stakeholders as being a part of their business process but the actions say otherwise. The assistance that they give is welcomed but move programs along at the pace of a sleepwalking turtle giving between 1.2% and 6% on average to programs. Some of those programs have nothing sustainable about them or their program are some non-profit that has an interest in the company because the owners are founders of the nonprofits or some political buddy ask them to do it for a favor. The Sustainable purchase program gives power to stakeholders to make the final choice, unlike most business programs that provide bread crumbs to the community. With 20% it is safe to say Mills Realty has really made the stakeholders apart of their firm. Unless some power lobbyist pushes to pass some law that throws a monkey wrench into the idea making it look as though the regulations are for the public good and using the Media to justify the regulations with some fluff. Only time can tell. Right now, it looks like there is some hope for businesses and the people.

“YOU CAN’T ASSIST A PROGRAM THAT DOES NOT EXIST. We believe in funding community programs first and volunteering second. ~ CEO, Leroy Viamille




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