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Linking Profit and People to Change the Planet

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The SUSTAINABLE PURCHASE PROGRAM is a real estate service developed by Mills Realty. The program establishes a close relationship with the firm and the community stakeholders. The service is structured using eco-friendly resources that have very little effect on natural resources. The program provides capital to local sustainable organizational programs and globally sustainable organization programs.

The SUSTAINABLE PURCHASE PROGRAM was created in 2017 by the research department of Mills Realty to address the issues that are having a negative effect on the local communities. The SPP Program goal focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and other models such as the triple-bottom-line and other frameworks to build the up communities in which we serve.

The program is aimed to help create a partnership with local organizations and the community. The course of action is to motivate non-profits and community organizations to work closely with the SPP program. The program will enable organizations to expand their individual programs within the community to make a significant impact. By linking business profit and the people, the people within the community can make the moves needed to make strategic decisions and assist community organizations.

Mills Realty SSP provides enough capital to sustain an entire budget for community programs and provide substantial funds to support an entire budget for individual programs in the communities in which we serve.

The program is designed using eco-friendly resources. The resources and the partners used to structure the service has less impact on the environment than other services.

An example of Some of these resources are:

  • Energy efficient cars to make appointments
  • Electronic secure and signed documents
  • Recycled paper if a client

The use of paper is the last resort and is used if a client is not familiar with digital documents. In the process, Mills Realty educates the clients on how to use new and existing sustainable tools and resources.


The key to the SPP service is the amount of capital that Mills Realty provides to programs. Mills Realty provides 20% for sustainable programs give the people giver choose. If the giver does not have a clear idea of the program to provide to, Mills Realty will give a list of potential programs that can be donated to. From the 20% to the community, 10% of the donation will be given to a sustainable program located in another region of the world. The 10% goes to programs such as water, poverty, health, education etc. That 10% will be given in the name of the community organization.


The sustainable purchase program from Mills Realty is a game changer in the area of sustainable development creating a bridge between business and the people. Mills Realty is linking profit and people thus empowering the people to make a change for future generations. By implementing sustainable ideas and breaking the norm, ideas like the SPP can achieve goals such as the 17 SDG before 2030. Using fewer resources and providing the funding to programs will help to save the planet from over consumption. The key feature of the SPP program is the 20% provided to sustainable programs and can deliver complete funding for community programs and even global programs depending on the service and the community members motivation and forethought. The CEO of Mills Realty stated that “Mills Realty don’t 2% to 4% or just volunteers with assistance like most business. Mills Realty keeps the programs going because without funding assistance the programs will have no existence.




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